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A Course in Miracles : Original Edition Text by Helen Schucman

Pocket Edition

This edition of A Course in Miracles is referred to as the “Original Edition“ and is the Course as it was completed in 1972. This was before there were significant edits in 1975. This edition was discovered in 1999 and was first published by Course in Miracles Society in 2006.

Taken from the original manuscript for the Course, the only editing that has been done to this great spiritual classic has been to correct occasional typographic and spelling errors and to render capitalization and punctuation consistent.

The volume that you will be listening to here is the Text, which is the first of the three-volume set: Text, Workbook, and Manual for Teachers. These volumes were scribed by Helen Schucman with the help of William Thetford, as she listened to an inner voice that identified Itself as Jesus. 

The narrator Martin Weber, [maz], is a longtime friend and member of CIMS Europe, a musician, and, of course, a student of A Course in Miracles. Maz sits with the material in meditation before he begins his recording and then adds music that he has composed for a perfect accompaniment.

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