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Entering the Way of the Great Vehicle by Rongzom Chok Zangpo

The first English translation of a classic treatise on how the Tibetan practice of"Dzogchen, "or Great Perfection, is in fact the culmination of the path of Mahayana Buddhism.
Rongzom Chokyi Zangpo, also known as Rongzompa, is considered one of the three great pillars of the original tradition of Buddhism, the Nyingma, that arrived in Tibet in the eighth century and still thrives today. He was a pioneer at systematizing the philosophical underpinnings of the variety of views and practices of Buddhism in India and Tibet. Surprisingly, only one other work of his is in English and it is for a more academic audience than this. In this illuminating work, he clearly and powerfully presents the case that the highest form of practice in the Nyingma tradition, Dzogchen, is perfectly in accord with Mahayana Buddhism and refutes critics who tried to undermine this point."

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