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How To Be Highly Sensitive and Empowered by Jane Novak

A practical guide outlining how empaths can protect themselves from sensory overload and burnout. A step-by-step transformational journey of unlocking and reclaiming energy and power.

Have you been told you are “too sensitive” or “overly emotional”?

Being an empath can be an incredible gift of compassion and connection. When unchecked, empathic insights can leave people feeling depleted and overwhelmed.

Sensitivity is a strength. How to Be Highly Sensitive and Empowered offers a healing roadmap, from Step 1 "Master energy awareness" to Step 7 "Activate and share your gift". Tools include breathing exercises; powerful visualizations; inner voice journaling; how to create "transition breaks" to overcome energy drains.

- How to Be Sensitive and Empowered outlines:

- How empaths differ from Highly Sensitive People, and how to reframe your emotional energy as deep wisdom.

- Ways to effectively set boundaries, with examples from Jane Novak's coaching programme, to find peace in a challenging world.

- A practical healing programme, tackling the inner work needed to transform how empaths relate to the wider world.

This book helps empaths move from being in a state of turmoil to becoming comfortable in their skin and more confident in relationships and interactions. Discover the freedom empathy unlocks in all areas of life: leadership, creativity and love.

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