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Myung Sung The Korean Art of Living Meditation by Dr Jenelle Kim

You can experience calm mindfulness in every moment of every dayMost forms of meditation ask us to be still and quiet, to take time away from our busy lives and forget about our ever-growing to-do lists. Myung Sung, the peaceful art of Korean mindfulness, does the opposite. Myung Sung is active, dynamic, a connectedness woven into our everyday experience through the practice of eight simple steps.

Through stories and wisdom passed down through generations and practical tools, Myung Sung will help you:

Find balance and happiness.

Calmly resolve conflict.

Walk through stress.

Accomplish your life goals.

Connect to your limitless reserves of natural energy and discover how your struggles - in work, marriage, parenting, friendships, health, money - become less difficult.

By practising the eight keys of Myung Sung, you can transform the way you live your life and uncover a greater sense of balance between mind, body and spirit.

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