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PRE-ORDER: The Modern Art of War by Hunter Liguore

To be published on 9 Apr 2024. Pre-orders will be sent out as soon as stock is available.

Sun Tzu's Art of War has been read mostly as a book of war strategies that teaches us how to beat our opponents on the battlefield. The Modern Art of War presents a new interpretation: it isn't about conquering your enemies, devising strategies to overtake armies, or getting ahead against your competitors. Instead, the real art of war is the fight to control your mind and the thoughts that rule it.

What if Sun Tzu wasn't a general at all, but a spiritual advisor, and that the Art of War was written not for a king, but for the people?
Each chapter begins with the original text from the Art of War followed by an overview, applied practice, thought-provoking prompts, and a chance for your own reflection.

Includes: The complete text of the original Art of War. Explanation of the symbolism, eg the "battlefield" stands for the terrain of the mind, "war" for conflict between the lower and higher self, and the "enemy" as our conscious thoughts, emotions and perceptions. Chapter-by-chapter guidance to the deeper meaning of the Art of War, from how to understand one's own nature to strategies for drawing on our own wholehearted will and perceiving the inherent instability in all things.

Over 150 reflection questions that prompt the reader to understand the text and guide them in their self-development journey, from 'If you can change one idea about yourself to step into a new future, what would it be?' to 'Based on Sun Tzu's teachings, what strategies can you incorporate into your daily activity or practice that would assist you in working through frustration or anger, without being harsh with yourself?
'This book will teach readers how to "conquer" or still the mind in order to reveal their own hidden teacher and recognize that the root of conflict (or war) begins within. By creating harmony within one's self, readers can then carry it forward to help bring more peace into the world.  

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