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The Magdalene : Volume II of the O Manucript by Lars Muhl

'The heights to which this climb will take you are in direct ratio to the depths to which you have the courage to delve.' Mary Magdalene is one of Jesus' most famous disciples, yet we know very little about her. Ever since her name first appeared in the gospels her image has been reinvented and contorted to reflect and serve the prevailing cultural codes of behaviour and beliefs of the age.Returning to the holy mountain of Montsegur, The Magdalene picks up where the first volume in Lars Muhl's bestselling Grail Trilogy, The Seer, left off. In this, his next step on a mesmerizing voyage into the heart of the sacred feminine, he traverses both the physical and spiritual plains to uncover the true nature of the intimate relationship between Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene, during which he finds himself confronted by forgotten truths and a more genuine and authentic way of being.

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