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The Psychic Psychologist by Amanda Charles

Do you feel like your life looks perfect from the outside, but on the inside you’re falling apart? Have you gone from one practitioner to the next desperately seeking solutions and yet still suffer? If the answer’s ‘yes’, then you need The Psychic Psychologist®. Combining traditional psychology, energy work and quantum theory, as well as professional and life experience, The Psychic Psychologist offers a completely unique perspective on healing. With evidence-backed psychological interventions alongside spiritual and intuitive practices, The Psychic Psychologist will help you break free from suffering, transform your pain and go beyond all limitations to create the life you desire.

It’s a book that will help you tap more deeply into your higher power and follow your inner voice, so you can embrace a new reality and consciously construct positive change in your present and for your future. So, no matter how many times life has kicked you when you’re down, this book will show you that when you’re fully connected to all the layers of your existence – body, heart, mind and soul – you can turn your pain into purpose and live a life you love. ‘I always hoped that someone would bring a totally new perspective to the way we view human consciousness.

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