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The Sacred Feminine Through The Ages by Paula Marvelly

This is an exploration of feminine spirituality from the beginning of time to the present day. These extraordinary women have expressed their experiences of the agony and ecstasy of pursuing spiritual enlightenment through their poetry and prose, which is beautiful, inspirational and very moving. In this revised and updated edition of Women of Wisdom, Paula Marvelly has selected powerful and evocative words of wisdom from women of widely differing ages and faiths, including but not limited to Jewish, Christian, Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist.

The author reveals the common and overriding theme between them, which can be expressed as “non-duality” – not two but one. This is the experience of losing one’s individuality and of becoming one with the universe. Whether you are interested in reviving lost and misunderstood women of history, or you are looking to find new ways to understand the many ancient questions that generations before us have been asking, you will discover a wealth of wisdom and inspiration from these women of wisdom:
Read the musings of the ancient priestess Enheduanna on her beloved goddess of the moon,
Decode ancient Egyptian inscriptions to reveal Hatshepsut, a powerful female pharaoh whose rule was almost deleted from history,
Revel in the immortal beauty of Sappho's poetry on the divine bounty of Mother Nature, Emily Dickinson's words on love, or Virginia Woolf's prose on female expression,

Uncover the cosmic life force with polymath Hildegard of Bingen,
Dwell on the revelations of divine love with anchoress Julian of Norwich, and so much more...

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