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The Sacrificial Universe (Deluxe edition) by David Chaim Smith

First Deluxe Edition, Limited to 88 hand numbered copies and signed by the author.

Folio in original slipcase. 120 pages with 35 full page plates, including five large folding triptychs and a quadriptych, and 28 in-text vignettes.
Quarter grey leather over red gilt-stamped grey cloth. 
Condition: Fine, unread copy.

From the publisher: "Ranging from intellectual treatises on sacred geometry, bio-morphism and the symbol of the serpent in Kabbalistic theory and practice, "The Sacrificial Universe" is unlike any other book Fulgur has offered to date. Produced as a lavish small folio with generous margins and a classic typographic style, "The Sacrificial Universe" presents David's key artworks of the last four years as full-page images, with the triptychs and quadriptych offered as folding plates. The complex and evocative iconographic symbolism is also explored through commentaries. And yet "The Sacrificial Universe" is more than a homage to those seventeenth century books of hermetic mysticism. Structured like unto the classic Kabbalistic text Sepher Yetzirah, the work may be approached on three levels (world, year, and soul) to offer the reader a view of Gnostic surrender within a vision of the self-consuming nature of phenomena. The plates are reminiscent of the extraordinary works of Freher, and his marvelous rendering of the Behmenist vision. In homage to such a work, Fulgur has chosen to issue the volume as a Small Folio (335mm x 225mm)."

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