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The Stories Behind the Poses by Raj Balkaran

Discover the traditional stories and wisdom behind your favourite yoga poses in this stunningly illustrated book of Indian mythology for yogis of all levels. A beautifully written introduction to Indian mythology, join storyteller, scholar and teacher, Dr Raj Balkaran, and explore the unforgettable tales behind 50 key yoga poses, such as: Virabhadrasana II, the original warrior poseTadasana, mountain poseBhujangasana, cobra poseGarudasana, eagle posePadmasana, lotus poseVirasana, hero poseSavasana, corpse pose Meet iconic Gods and Goddesses, from Ganesa, the elephant-headed god of wisdom, to Siva, Lord of Yogis, and Kali, goddess of mind, body, soul and death. Explore the rivalry between the sages Vasistha and Visvamitra, and their cosmic feud over a wish-fulfilling cow.

Plunge into the depths of one of the richest myths in Hinduism: the battle between the demons and the gods who churn the cosmic oceans in search for the elixir of immortality. And learn how Siva got his blue throat! Learn, through the mythology of the poses, more about the roots of this ancient practice and how you can use their teachings to better appreciate and respect yoga's true origins. Enhance your practice by reading one story before or at the end of class, and incorporating the poses and their teaching into your life, as well as your yoga practice, and transform the way you view and practice this timeless art.

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